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It’s All About 

How We Treat You

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About Us

NU Age Medical is a health care center in Embrun, Ontario. Here, we provide a wide range of medical and nonmedical services to help with our patients’ overall well-being.

Meet the Owner

“Thank you for visiting my website.

We run a private practice in Embrun, Ontario. Our clinic consists of qualified nurses and laser technicians and we work along side a team of Podiatrist and Nurse Practioners. We offer many in-house services and educational info sessions to various pharmacies and health centers across the Ottawa area. Pursuing this career path has allowed us to provide the utmost individual, client-centered, and compassionate care that people deserve.”

Our Philosophy

We deliver a holistic, compassionate, client-focused approach to health care. Our enhanced medical services ensure optimal, effective, innovative procedures to provide quality and optimal care that people deserve.

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